Our Story

Crunchy Waves is a family-owned and operated business.

It all began back in the 1960's with our Abuela Mima when her family made the decision to leave Cuba for the United Sates.  She was forced to make ends meet as her husband (our Abuelo) was sent to work hard labor in Cuba’s fields without being able to be with the family or provide for them.

To survive and to be able to make a little money to feed her four children she went to her kitchen and created a homemade delicious chip that we all know today as Crunchy Waves

 Mima’s chips quickly became the liking of everyone in the neighborhood. It helped the family leave Cuba and come to the United States of America in 1969. Being that the chips were already a huge sensation back in Cuba, Mima continued selling her delicious chips door to door in Miami leaving her neighbor’s wanting more. 


Mimas’ recipe has been passed down through generations and in 2016 our family decided to continue Mima’s legacy and share her delicious chips with families across America. It is the honor of our lifetime to bring Mima’s chips into the hands of consumers who are looking for something new, delicious, and joyful that leaves you with the desire of having more.  


From our family to yours, we thank you and can't wait for everyone to Enjoy the Crunch!